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Become a business partner, Be a Hero!

The Heroes Family Club Multiplex Theater main goals are to create new concepts for travel accommodations and family entertainment center. This company is also known as H.F.C Theater. The company looks forward to building Kandor City Park Place in the community of Poinciana, Florida. ​

H.F.C Theater will be the first family entertainment center in the area. We are in the start-up stages as of this time. The company believes to have found the best location to conduct our business within a community that holds a demographic of approximately 100,000 families. H.F.C Theater is interested in finding serious business partners and investors that would like to be part of our project.

We seek investors that know well the areas of hospitality, Restaurants, Retail Store, and Entertainment. If you are looking for a great investment opportunity, contact us at or send us an email using our contact page. 


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