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Heroes Building a Strong Future for Tomorrow!



he Heroes Family Club Multiplex Theater is brand new concept inspired by its founder to be a new evolution for movie theaters around the world. Our company is designed to provide a new experience, something out of the ordinary that brings friends, families, and business professionals to gather in one convenient place. H.F.C. Theater offers a combination of services to accommodate all the unfulfilled needs of your community. The layout of our facility provides the best accommodations for Family entertainment, Business meetings, Bowling Alley, Restaurant, and Private reception areas.

H.F.C. Theater was founded in Central Florida on December 2010 and registered in the State of Florida in August 2011 as an LLC corporation. H.F.C. Theater is looking towards building a new Family Entertainment Center in Poinciana Florida. The company has found support from Galaxy Theatres International a company established in L.A. California by Mike Doban President and CEO. Both Presidents Mike Doban and Luis Carrasquillo are working with the Architecture firm Bumpus and Associates in a new concept that will revolutionize the Entertainment Industry putting together different venues in one single facility that will mark an evolution of what movie theaters are today.


The company has also found support from other local companies including the Poinciana Economic Development (P.E.D.A). Currently H.F.C. Theater is launching a new internship program designed to provide hands on vocational experience to college and technical school students. The program is called “Operation Program Enterprise Network for Business” (O.P.E.N for Business). The O.P.E.N For Business Program is designed to help aspiring professionals engage in their professional career before or after completing their college education. Individuals interested in entering this program will have the opportunity to work with the Heroes Family Club Multiplex Theater as well as other participating businesses to develop management or marketing plans and to gain real-life, hands-on business experience.


H.F.C. Theater and Galaxy Theatres International are in the process to build a Multicultural Entertainment Center focused on the heroes in our lives. Together we have created a new concept for a first class Movie Theater and Activity Center that will cater to the needs of the community and provide hands on educational and vocational experience for young adults and children. We ask other companies who would like to support this project to join us in our endeavor.

The philosophy behind H.F.C. Theater is a dedication to the people that we consider to be heroes in all walks of life such as Firemen, Policemen, Teachers, and Lifeguards, War Veterans and even our mothers and fathers. We believe that incorporating a business into the needs of a community creating educational programs with a strong impact on the education of young adults could help us improve the economy of our country. On December 2010, the President /CEO and founder of H.F.C. Theater Mr. Luis F. Carrasquillo saw the need of the community of Poinciana, Florida for a great family entertainment center. It was then when the idea of the Heroes Family Club Multiplex Theater was created.

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One of the Company’s visions is to make the area of Poinciana not only appeal to the local community but will also attractive to many of the tens of thousands of tourist that already frequent the Central Florida area. H.F.C. Theater will be located at the center of Poinciana, Florida within minutes from other major local attractions such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Lego Land Theme Park.

The local residential community consists of a diverse cultural demographic made up of approximately 84,000 families. The Heroes Family Club Multiplex Theater has a projected plan to build a 57,000 sq ft facility that will become the center of attraction in Poinciana, Florida. Beyond the local community, our facility will serve as a family attraction to the thousands of families that come to Central Florida every year for vacation. There are literally hundreds of hotels within a 25 miles radius of our location. Our complex has the potential to create jobs; including internships opportunities within the first year of operation. For more information about our project, take a look at our rendering designs, and location please visit our website at

Mission statement: Our mission is to help people and make them believe that there is a hero in all of us. We look forward to support the education for all and encourage everyone to reach their career goals. We believe in heroes!

The company has an ideal that consist in creating educational programs that will shape the future of the new business professionals of tomorrow.

What educational programs we have done?

1st Class Project and Graphic Design Challenge

The First Class Project and Graphic Design Challenge it was presented to students taking courses in the arts of Architecture, Drafting and Graphic Design. This program was accepted by T.E.C.O Vocational School from Kissimmee, Florida on August 18, 2011 and introduced to its students on August 22, 2011.

On October 22, 2011 the Students who accepted this challenge received an award for their excellent efforts. Today these three Students are our heroes and they continue working with us under our new internship program “Operation Program Enterprise Network for Business” (O.P.E.N for Business). These Students continue to work on the designs for the Heroes Family Club Multiplex Theater under the supervision of a local Architecture Firm Bumpus and Associates.

What is the Operation Program Enterprise Network for Business?


The Operation Program Enterprise Network for Business is an idea to help aspiring business professionals to engage in their professional career before or after completing their college education. Individuals interested in entering on this program will have the opportunity to develop a management plan for the Heroes Family Club Multiplex Theater. This program is the first step before the final decision of the hiring process before entering into a management position with H.F.C. Theater. Each individual is challenged in each of their management skills providing them with the right experience to be efficiently productive at any company becoming a successful business professional.

We like to call our program O.P.E.N. for Business internship program because it offers the opportunity to many individuals to create the starting operations management of each department for any company. These groups will form part of the leading team of the company putting their skills and experience to work looking for an opportunity to land them into a high profile management positions.

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