A message from the President and CEO

Luis F. Carrasquillo

President and CEO

H.F.C. Theater




aking the right business has never been an easy job for anyone who is looking to succeed. As a business entrepreneur, I understand the efforts, the sacrifices and the expenses that we all have to incurred to establish a successful business. I have selected a team of great talented people to achieve a new goal not only for ourselves but for every hero in our lives.


We have created a new concept that will revolutionize the entertainment industry. In our efforts to provide a new experience for businesses, families and to our business partners, we have designed a project that will become an evolution for nowadays conventional movie theaters. I believe that everyone who dreams to have great success in life, should go for it and look for people like us who could assist them. H.F.C. theater stands for quality at the highest level of service for our day to day clients, patrons, and partners. Our company has established a strong partnership with local and International companies to bring you the best of the best service.


At H.F.C. Theater we strongly support the education of our young College Students and Vocational Students providing them with an opportunity to succeed in their career of choice. Here at H.F.C. Theater we have reserved a special place for your business. Your company will experience more freedom for your business ads than at any other place in the world at a convenience price that allows you to publish more for less. That’s why we are offering the best pricing for advertising and an easy way to reach out to thousands of people in one single place. And at the same time, our facility will provide different kinds of venues.


The family of the Heroes Family Club Multiplex Theater believes that it is time to recognize, salute, and honor every single hero in our lives and for that, we have dedicated our company to each one of those heroes that have made us a better person today. At H.F.C. theater we look for dreamers who stand behind of our mission to make the difference in other people lives, by giving them the best of us day by day, that is what makes you a hero.


If you believe in your skills, your experience, and use your knowledge along with your imagination to improve other peoples lives, you are not too far to become someone else hero.


I invite you to become one of our partners and be someone's hero today. We believe in heroes!


Thank you...

Luis F. Carrasquillo


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