We honor our heroes!

H.F.C. Theater a new social enterprise committed to serve our everyday heroes. We are ready to help improve the economic development in areas with rapid growth potential. Been part of a community will play a big role in our way to serve others. College students will find a great support from our company's internship program. We look forward to become the best multiplex entertainment center in the industry. As part of our goal we will be a new addition to all the major attractions of Central Florida.

H.F.C.Theater proposes to extend employment opportunity to recent college graduates. College students will experience a different kind of internship that will help them achieve their goals. We seek investors interested in our "Students Global Initative Partnership". Today you too can provide an opportunity for future entrepreneurs and business professionals to change the world.

Meeting event on December 13, 2019

Project update information.

This pre-paid package ticket is on sale now. 

This will be your ticket to become a member of our VIP Club. You will receive a voucher via email with a special welcome message to our VIP ACCESS CLUB and rules.

Ticket price value is $63.00

This pre-paid ticket is a special group and family package that we are offering to everyone. This ticket will include a free invitation to our VIP Club for special discounts and VIP Access to special events. Those who purchase this ticket in advance will be pre-registered as value members of our VIP Club. 


The VIP package is good for 5 people and includes the following: 


  1. Five movie tickets - good for a new release

  2. One hour of bowling games for 5 people including shoe rentals

  3. Two large meal combos a combination of Popcorn, Hot dogs, Nachos Cheese, Two large sodas (free refill on the drinks).


All-Inclusive package value of $63.00 per ticket. This offer will be available to the public. Those who pre-register now before we open for business will not have to pay the VIP membership fee of $20 per month for the first year after we open.


Anyone signing up after the grand opening date will have to pay the full price of $20.00 dollars for the VIP Access Club membership.


Benefits for our club members are:


  1. Two movie tickets - good for a new release every two months

  2. 15% discount - One hour of bowling games for 5 people including shoe rentals

  3. 15 % discount - Two large meal combos a combination of Popcorn, Hot dogs, Nachos Cheese, Two large sodas (free refill on the drinks).

  4. Access to special events- Red carpet, Movie premiers, Night club parties.

FYI: All sales are final and non-refundable. All funds will be used to guarantee service to our club members, for the security of our Investors, Partners, Real Estate property and the continuous developments of Heroes Family Club Multiplex Theater. This special offer will expire after our grand opening date.

How our internship program will help students to succeed?

Step one

We challenge college and vocational school students to put their new skills to work.

Step two

Students finds employment opportunities that help us improve our economy.

Step three

Our "Students Global Initiative Partnership program will create stepping stone towards building a professional career for our recent college graduates, creating true community heroes along the way.

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Message from the President & CEO

We are in the business of honoring our heroes!

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H.F.C.Theater is committed to always honor our everyday heroes

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